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When we started making hot sauce in 08’ our goal was simple- make a better hot sauce than what we could find around Portland.  The first batches were not very good.  We chugged right along cooking and with travel and life experience we began to see our hot sauce with new eyes.   We found our final mix of ingredients, fine tuned the notes, and achieved what we consider to be a perfectly balanced and versatile hot sauce- in fact we believe it’s the most versatile hot sauce anywhere!  With a flavor bouquet that makes music with simple foods like rice and eggs, but is more subtle in complex dishes- and that perfect searing heat that rolls and builds, we far surpassed our initial goal and created a hot sauce that is matched by no other!  An everyday kitchen essential that brings out the Soul of our favorite foods!


We realized that this awesome hot sauce, loved by everyone who tried it, could do more than just elevate peoples experience of food- it could be a major force for good in the world! The day we decided to bottle and sell our sauce we made a pact that our business would grow in step with bringing awareness to and fighting the most basic of our world’s problems; childhood hunger and access to clean water.  The idea is simple- when people have their basic needs met the potential to rise above their condition is real. With strong minds and bodies a life’s full purpose can be realized!  Today, we are able to dedicate 10% of our profits to charity’s doing great work and our hope is that someday it will be much more!  Please check out the links on our giving page to get involved.  Together we’ll give a little more Soul so that others can have a brighter future!


We’d love to talk Soul with you!  Give us a call or shoot us an e-mail with any questions you have.  We also welcome your comments and suggestions.


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(503) 887-9726